Brand Promises


Our motto is “Kee’s to Good Life”. We deliver products of excellent taste, good value and convenience to all discerning customers who appreciate good food and a better quality of life.

The hallmarks of success for CHNG Kee’s are:

  1. Authenticity – traditional time tested recipes are used in formulating the true Asian flavours.
  2. Convenience – our pre-mix sauces ensure ease of preparation without any compromise on quality and flavour. It suits the busy lifestyle of today’s consumers.
  3. Innovation – we create new flavours constantly and re-invent traditional sauces to meet the changing palates of today’s discerning consumers.
  4. Originality – our recipes are the inspired creations of our team of respected master chefs in the industry.
  5. Quality – we use only the finest and freshest ingredients to achieve that exceptional taste experience.
  6. Value for Money – the unique combination of quality and convenience offers excellent value for money to all our consumers, whether they are home-makers or professional chefs.