Production of Yu-Sheng Sauces and Condiments

manuf4In 1990, the company dedicated an exclusive production area for the manufacturing of preserved fruits and vegetables for the popular Lunar New Year festive dish called “yu-sheng”. The ingredients are prepared from fresh vegetables like ginger, melon and lime and hygienically packed and processed using modern machinery and technology.

We are the first company in Singapore to manufacture yu-sheng in a consumer retail pack sold at major supermarkets like NTUC and Cold Storage. Today, “Sin Hwa Dee Fa Cai Yu-Sheng” and “Chef Chen Green Tea Prosperity Yu-Sheng” are the best selling yu-sheng retail packs in all major supermarkets. The retail pack allows families to enjoy the auspicious dish at home as well as with relatives and friends. It is also an ideal Lunar New Year gift to relatives and friends to convey well wishes for the New Year.

We are also the largest supplier of yu-sheng ingredients to the hotels, restaurants and catering outlets (HORECA), including international airlines like SIA.