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1. Abalone Mushroom with Sesame SeedsDark Soya SauceFruits & VegetablesStir-Fry
2. Asian Pizza with Hoi Sin SauceHoi Sin SauceFruits & VegetablesMicrowave Baking
3. Assam Curry FishCurry PasteSeafoodSteaming
4. Bak Kut Teh (Pork Ribs Soup)Dark Soya SaucePorkBoiling
5. Baked Chicken in Light Soya SauceLight Soya SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Oven Baking
6. Bean Curd Meat Ball with Hainanese Chicken Rice MixHainanese Chicken Rice MixBeefSteaming
7. Beef RendangRendang PasteBeefStir-Fry
8. Black Pepper BeefBlack Pepper SauceBeefStir-Fry
9. Black Pepper Beef KebabBlack Pepper SauceBeefStir-Fry
10. Black Pepper Beef PastaBlack Pepper SauceBeefStir-Fry
11. Black Pepper Chicken PizzaBlack Pepper SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Microwave Baking
12. Black Pepper Chicken Roll Black Pepper SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
13. Black Pepper Chicken with CeleryBlack Pepper SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
14. Black Pepper Chicken/Crab/Pork/Prawn/FishLight Soya SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
15. Black Pepper CrabBlack Pepper SauceSeafoodStir-Fry
16. Black Pepper Roast ChickenBlack Pepper SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Grilling/Roasting
17. Black Pepper VenisonBlack Pepper SauceLambPan-Fry
18. Black Pepper with Chicken/Crab/Pork/Prawn/FishBlack Pepper SauceSeafoodStir-Fry
19. Braised Broccoli with MushroomDark Soya SauceFruits & VegetablesStir-Fry
20. Braised Duck / Chicken in Dark Soya SauceLight Soya SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Boiling
21. Char Siew for Bread FillingChar Siew SaucePorkStir-Fry
22. Char Siew Roasted MeatChar Siew SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Grilling/Roasting
23. Chicken and Prawn Cube with Special SauceBlack Bean Garlic SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
24. Chicken Curry with PotatoesCurry PastePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Steaming
25. Chicken in Char Siew SauceChar Siew SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Oven Baking
26. Chicken with Curry PasteCurry PastePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Steaming
27. Chilli Crab / Prawn / SquidSingapore Chilli Crab SauceSeafoodStir-Fry
28. Chinese Beef ChopChar Siew SauceBeefStir-Fry
29. Citrus Flavoured Assorted SeafoodLemon SauceSeafoodPan-Fry
30. Claypot RiceYam Rice MixRice & NoodlesSteaming
31. Crispy Meat Biscuit with Hainanese Chicken Rice MixHainanese Chicken Rice MixPoultry (Chicken/Duck)Pan-Fry
32. Curry ChickenCurry PastePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Steaming
33. Curry Fried Chicken WingCurry PastePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Pan-Fry
34. Curry Squid Stuffed with Glutinous RiceCurry PasteSeafoodPan-Fry
35. Curry Squid stuffed with Japanese RiceCurry PasteSeafoodSteaming
36. Curry SquidsCurry PasteSeafoodSteaming
37. Dark Sauce ChickenDark Soya SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Grilling/Roasting
38. Deep Fried WantonSesame Oil BlendedPorkPan-Fry
39. Deer Meat with AsparagusHainanese Chicken Rice MixBeefStir-Fry
40. Duck Tongue and Chicken in ClaypotLight Soya SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Steaming
41. Duo of Braised Lamb Shank Stuffed with Cheese, and Cumin Crusted Roasted Leg of Lamb with Black Pepper SauceBlack Pepper SauceLambOven Baking
42. Fried Fish in Nonya Steamfish Chilli SauceNonya Steamfish Chilli SauceSeafoodPan-Fry
43. Fried Prawn with Sambal Oelek and Curry PasteCurry PasteSeafoodPan-Fry
44. Gado GadoSatay SauceFruits & Vegetables
45. Goose Meat with Fresh FruitsLight Soya SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Pan-Fry
46. Hainanese Fried RiceHainanese Chicken Rice MixRice & NoodlesPan-Fry
47. Kung Bo ChickenKung Bo SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
48. Kung Bo Chicken for Bread FillingKung Bo SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
49. Kung Bo Chicken with Italian PastaKung Bo SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
50. Kung Bo Duck Kung Bo SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
51. Kung Bo PrawnsKung Bo SauceSeafoodStir-Fry
52. Lemon ChickenSesame Oil BlendedPoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
53. Lemon PrawnsLemon SauceSeafoodPan-Fry
54. Mango Sliced FishOyster SauceSeafoodPan-Fry
55. Marinated Kung Bo Roasted Lamb Served with Caramelised Lentil & Black Pepper SauceBlack Pepper SauceLambGrilling/Roasting
56. Mee RebusMee Rebus PasteRice & NoodlesSteaming
57. Mee Rebus GravyMee Rebus PasteFruits & VegetablesSteaming
58. Mee SiamMee Siam PasteRice & NoodlesSteaming
59. Nonya Chicken WingNonya Steamfish Chilli SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Pan-Fry
60. Nonya FishNonya Steamfish Chilli SauceRice & NoodlesSteaming
61. Nonya Fish OtakNonya Steamfish Chilli SauceSeafoodGrilling/Roasting
62. Nonya Kampong Ayam GorengKung Bo SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
63. Nonya Laksa Yong Tau FooLaksa PasteFruits & VegetablesSteaming
64. Nonya Mussel in Spicy Sambal OelekSambal OelekSeafoodStir-Fry
65. Nonya Pomfret in Banana LeafNonya Steamfish Chilli SauceSeafoodPan-Fry
66. Nonya SquidNonya Steamfish Chilli SauceSeafoodSteaming
67. Nonya Stir Fry Black Pepper ChickenBlack Pepper SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
68. Nonya Stir-Fried Prawns with Lemon SauceLemon SauceSeafoodStir-Fry
69. Nonya Tahu GorengDark Soya SauceFruits & VegetablesStir-Fry
70. Nonya Tom Yam SoupTom Yam PasteFruits & VegetablesSteaming
71. Norwegian Salmon in Garlic Chilli SauceGarlic Ginger Chilli SauceSeafoodPan-Fry
72. Oriental Style Australian Beef SteakSesame Oil BlendedBeefPan-Fry
73. Oven Baked Spare Ribs in Hoi Sin SauceDark Soya SaucePorkOven Baking
74. Peking DuckPeking Dip SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Grilling/Roasting
75. Peking Pizza with Peking Dip SaucePeking Dip SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Oven Baking
76. Peking Style Noodle with Minced MeatLight Soya SauceRice & NoodlesStir-Fry
77. Rendang MeatRendang PasteBeefStir-Fry
78. RojakRojak PasteFruits & Vegetables
79. Rojak ChickenLight Soya SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Pan-Fry
80. Salmon Fillet with Two SaucesNonya Steamfish Chilli SauceSeafoodStir-Fry
81. Salmon in Chilli Crab SauceSingapore Chilli Crab SauceSeafoodPan-Fry
82. Sambal Oelek AcharSambal OelekFruits & Vegetables
83. Sambal Oelek FishSambal OelekSeafoodPan-Fry
84. Sambal Oelek SquidSambal OelekFruits & VegetablesPan-Fry
85. Sambal PrawnsSambal OelekSeafoodStir-Fry
86. Sambal SotongSambal OelekSeafoodStir-Fry
87. Sambal SquidLight Soya SauceSeafoodStir-Fry
88. Satay With SauceSatay SauceFruits & VegetablesStir-Fry
89. Scallop Sandwich with French BeanHainanese Chicken Rice MixFruits & VegetablesSteaming
90. Singapore Chilli CrabLight Soya SauceSeafoodStir-Fry
91. Singapore Famous Hainanese Chicken RiceGarlic Ginger Chilli SauceRice & NoodlesSteaming
92. Singapore LaksaLaksa PasteRice & NoodlesSteaming
93. Singapore Laksa (Thicker & More Fragrant Version)Laksa PasteRice & NoodlesSteaming
94. Singapore Mixed Vegetable LaksaLaksa PasteRice & NoodlesSteaming
95. Singapore Vegetable LaksaLaksa PasteFruits & VegetablesSteaming
96. Sliced Fish in Sambal OelekSambal OelekSeafoodStir-Fry
97. Smoked Salmon & Avocado Hors d OeuvreBlack Pepper SauceSeafood
98. Smoked Salmon Rolled with Red Dhal Flavoured with Yellow Bean Paste On Crispy Greens Sprinkled with Pomegranate VinaigretteYellow Bean PasteSeafoodBoiling
99. Spicy French Beans with eggplantYellow Bean PasteFruits & VegetablesStir-Fry
100. Steam Dried Shrimp TofuOyster SauceSeafoodSteaming
101. Steamed Fish in Yellow Bean PasteYellow Bean PasteSeafoodSteaming
102. Steamed Spare Ribs in Yellow Bean PasteYellow Bean PastePorkSteaming
103. Stewed Pork Belly Meat in Peking DipPeking Dip SaucePorkStir-Fry
104. Stir Fried Beef and Vegetables in Hoi Sin SauceHoi Sin SauceBeefStir-Fry
105. Stir Fried Chicken and Vegetables in Hoi Sin SauceHoi Sin SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
106. Stir Fried Prawns with Mange Lemon SauceLemon SauceSeafoodStir-Fry
107. Stir Fry Fish in Yellow Bean SauceYellow Bean PasteSeafoodStir-Fry
108. Stir Fry Prawns in Sambal OelekSambal OelekSeafoodStir-Fry
109. Stir-fried AsparagusOyster SauceFruits & VegetablesStir-Fry
110. Stir-fried Beef with Black Bean Garlic SauceBlack Bean Garlic SauceBeefStir-Fry
111. Stir-fried Black Pepper ChickenBlack Pepper SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
112. Stir-Fry Meat with Sesame OilSesame Oil BlendedFruits & VegetablesStir-Fry
113. Stir-Fry Sauce with Spare RibsLight Soya SaucePorkStir-Fry
114. Sweet & Sour Fish/Chicken/Pork Rib/Pork/PrawnLight Soya SaucePorkPan-Fry
115. Sweet and Sour Chicken with PastaLight Soya SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
116. Szechuan Meat RollKung Bo SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Pan-Fry
117. Teriyaki Chicken SkewerTeriyaki SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Pan-Fry
118. Teriyaki Sauce with MeatTeriyaki SaucePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Stir-Fry
119. Teriyaki Sweet CornTeriyaki SauceFruits & VegetablesSteaming
120. Three Kinds of Mushroom with BroccoliChar Siew SauceFruits & VegetablesPan-Fry
121. Tom yam ChickenTom Yam PastePoultry (Chicken/Duck)Steaming
122. Tom Yam SoupTom Yam PasteSeafoodSteaming
123. Tom Yam VermicelliTom Yam PasteRice & NoodlesSteaming
124. Vegetable CurryCurry PasteFruits & VegetablesBoiling