Singapore Laksa

CHNG Kee's sauce(s) used:

  • CHNG Kee’s Laksa Paste


    Cooking Method

    1. Cook the prawns (peeled) and fish cakes (sliced) in boiling water.

    2. Set aside the prawns and fish cakes once cooked.

    3. Stir-fry CHNG Kee’s Laksa Paste with hot oil, pour in boiled water, add in fried bean curd, coconut cream, carnation milk and bring to boil.

    4. Put poached noodles and bean sprout in boiling water. Drain separately and place in serving bowl.

    5. Arrange poached noodles, bean sprout, cooked prawns , fish cake and eggs into a bowl. Pour gravy over.

    6. Add chopped laksa leaves, and serve.


    • 250 gm of CHNG Kee’s Laksa Paste
    • 600 gm of poached noodle
    • 8 prawns (peeled)
    • 120 gm of fish cake (sliced)
    • 600 ml of boiling water
    • 300 gm of coconut cream
    • 300 ml of Carnation milk
    • 4 gm of laksa leaf (chopped)
    • 4 pcs of bean curd (fried and cut into slices)
    • 100 gm of bean sprouts (poached)
    • 3 pcs of hard-boiled eggs (sliced into half)