Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


At Sin Hwa Dee, adopting CSR business practices is about doing the right thing. We seek to integrate economic, social and environmental factors to ensure a better quality of life not just for the present but also future generations.

We are conscious of the overlap between business, environmental and social factors in sustainable development. We are aware of the impact of our decisions on our employees, clients, customers, local communities and the environment. These have helped us to gain substantial community support, better brand identity, reduced waste disposal costs and achieving a better employee working environment.

We are a corporation that strongly believes in human and ethical values. In our operations, we will focus on three critical pillars that represent the basic fabric of our business philosophy.

Nutrition, health and wellness


Our key product attributes seek to promote health and wellness for our clients, consumers and employees. In our continuous commitment in the creation of great tasting sauces, we emphasize on nutrition, variety, quality and all dietary needs. We believe in producing sauces and foods that meet the following fundamental requirements:

  • Food Safety

    Safety in our foods is of utmost importance. All human deserves to be served food that is not contaminated or laced with poisonous and harmful substances. We ensure that the highest hygienic standards are met in the whole course of our operations, from the production process (HACCP compliance) to the point of being served to consumers.

  • Healthier Ingredients

    We are conscious of utilising only natural and healthy ingredients in our products. We strive to produce sauces with the following characteristics:

    • Reduced salt, sugar, and saturated fat
    • Healthier ingredients (that has been endorsed by the Ministry of Health to be ‘Healthier-Choice Products’)
    • No or limited use of artificial colourings and flavourings
    • Usage of natural, fresh and nutritious ingredients
    • Use of only quality raw materials that come with a Certificate of Analysis issued by the respective authorities
  • Ethical Sourcing

    In the course of our sourcing for raw materials or third party goods, we will ensure our suppliers meet the highest standard in hygiene and health. Their credentials and operations will be inspected from time to time to ensure that good practices are in place.

Caring for our staff and community


  • Support of Community Development

    Our Managing Director has spearheaded many social projects to help the community and the underprivileged. She is a Director at the Social Innovation Park (SIP), an organization supporting and encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the community, to make a better place for all to live in.

  • Support of the Marginalized
    In our course of business, we employ the disabled and the needy, thus providing them with income to support themselves. To us, everyone matters in our society.

  • Well-balanced work-life policy
    Each and every employee is given sufficient recreational and family time while pursuing their career. We take a serious view of caring for our employees by adhering to the basic principles of human rights, individual well being and by promoting work-life balance in our labour policy.

Environment Protection


We have a strict policy of environmental protection. We are conscious of how our activities will significantly impact on the environment. In this respect, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint and to constantly adopt the 3Rs (Reduce, Reduce, Recycle) policy in all our activities.

  • Controlling energy and water use

    In keeping with government’s initiatives, we ensure energy saving devices and practices are continuously in use. This applies to the main utilities like water, electricity and gas.

  • Waste management

    Our production process will meet stringent standard to minimize food wastages. Food waste will be recycled to other forms, for example, animal feed.

  • Bio-degradable

    We will use bio-degradable packaging and portable cutlery and crockery, where possible.

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