Our History


Sin Hwa Dee was founded by the late Mr. Chng Kee more than 30  years ago. Mr. Chng used to work for more than 20 years in one of Singapore’s leading sauce manufacturers where he met his wife-to-be, a production operator. Their marriage was more than just love; it was a merger of two essential elements in business – production knowledge and marketing prowess. That marriage saw the birth of Sin Hwa Dee in the early 1970’s. It was a humble beginning, a husband and wife team, producing soya and oyster sauces, bean paste and plum paste.



Sin Hwa Dee has grown from a humble outfit to become an international organization. It has widened its product range from basic soya and oyster sauces to include pre-mixes like Kung Bo sauce, Black Pepper sauce, Laksa paste, Hainanese Chicken Rice Mix, etc. Technologically, it has advanced from using traditional manufacturing processes to high-tech machinery and equipment, housed in a large modern factory of 90,000 square feet. It has achieved international production and quality standards, certified by HACCP, ISO 9001 and BRC. Its market has grown from Singapore to more than 30 countries worldwide. And it counts among its customers, major retail chains, international fast food chains, restaurants, hotels, major airlines and caterers.