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Chng Kee's

“CHNG Kee’s” is a premium brand in basic and pre-mixed sauces, of high consistent quality and value for money. It is probably, the most preferred sauce brand for both the retail and food service industry -  from supermarkets and grocery stores to airlines, fast-food chains, hotels, restaurants, caterers, and grocery wholesalers in many international markets.

Available in bulk and retail packs, CHNG Kee’s range of products include:

  1. Premium basic sauces – Soya Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sesame Oil, etc.
  2. Premix Sauce – Hainanese Chicken Rice Mix, Black Pepper Sauce, Char Siew sauce, etc.

Testimony to the market confidence in our products, “CHNG Kee’s” has been awarded brand recognition certifications like Singapore’s Most Distinctive Brand 2002 and Superbrands Singapore 2002/2003.


“Horsebrand” is Sin Hwa Dee’s foodservice brand. Sold in bulk or in larger format packaging, the foodservice packs are sold to the HORECA sector worldwide, providing total food solution, convenience, quality consistency, and cost savings to our HORECA customers. The range includes sauces, spices, flours and other cooking condiments.


Private Label

Being Singapore’s largest OEM and contract manufacturer of customized sauces and pre-mixes for many retailers and other brand owners, we provide a total food solution for brands looking for a reliable manufacturer for their private labels. From recipe development, R&D, QA to production, no efforts are spared in creating winning recipes for both our local and international F&B operators and brand owners. The trust our customers placed on us allows them to focus on creating winning products without heavy investments into their own professional personnel, machinery and Central Kitchens.

The black box system we implemented ensure utmost confidentiality of our clients’ recipes, allowing them to grow their business rapidly with full confidence.  

Spice Of Life

“Spice of Life” is a gourmet retail brand, initially conceptualized in the 1970s by Sin Hwa Dee's founder and co-founder, Mr and Mrs Chng Kee. Their vision was to introduce sauces of special dietary needs and healthy ingredients. Following Mr Chng Kee’s passing in the 1980s, his vision was brought to fruition by his successor and eldest daughter, Jocelyn Chng who opened the first “Spice of Life” gourmet shop in 2005.

'Spice of Life' will continue to be the branding platform for Sin Hwa Dee foray into a range of healthier sauces, including plant-based and Vegan varieties in the near future.


“Sin Hwa Dee Fa Cai Yusheng” & “Chef Chen”

“Sin Hwa Dee Fa Cai Yusheng” and “Chef Chen” are leading DIY Yusheng ingredients brands, sold in all major supermarkets, grocery and on-line stores. They were in fact, the first branded DIY Yusheng ingredient products in Singapore. Today, both brands are still the unassailable market leader despite the deluge of many competitive brands in recent years, from both locally and Malaysia.  

Besides being sold as consumer DIY packs, Sin Hwa Dee is also the largest supplier of these ingredients to the various foodservice customers (HORECA)

The main reasons for the success of Sin Hwa Dee Yu Sheng ingredient products can be attributed to the use of only the very best vegetable ingredients from around the world and extensive investments into the best machinery. This machinery ensures that every detail is carefully monitored, from washing of the vegetable ingredients to consistency in taste and size uniformity.


Our Brands

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